Bernzomatic Doragon Sous-vide stainless steel grill attachment (similar to Searzall)

    It doesn’t get any better than this. Our own version of the well-known Searzall. This unique tool belongs in every culinary adventure where you are looking for the touch of perfection. More flavour, more control and pure perfection.

    That’s why we call our DORAGON the finishing torch!

    Cooking a sous-vide dish is always juicy and assured of taste and tenderness, without the addition of butter or oil. Very healthy! However, a sous-vide dish is not yet finished when you take it out of the vacuum bag. For example, your dish lacks a nice brown crust. Your taste is influenced by your senses, including your eyes. You can use the Doragon to sear or grill your piece of meat or vegetable to perfection. The Doragon turns the direct flame of the torch into a kind of “handy” broiler. Which will give you the ultimate control to prepare your dish the way you want.

    Besides preparing sous-vide dishes, you can use the Doragon for many other applications. What will you make with the Bernzomatic – Doragon? Don’t want your sunny-side-up less raw? Would you like to quickly melt that extra piece of cheese on your sandwich? The possibilities are endless! Comes with a spare mesh/grill.

    DO NOT USE YELLOW PRO/MAX GAS BOTTLES! The higher flame temperature will cause the Doragon to wear out much faster.

    • Stainless steel searing torch attachment (similar to Searzall)
    • To be mounted on the TS8000
    • Can also be used with a TS4000, only bought in set (we adapt the torch for use with the Doragon)
    • Our advice is to use the Fat propane cylinder (more stable)
    • The green cylinders last longer (than the blue ones) and can be used for DIY or culinary purposes
    • Note: The grill/mesh expands and contracts due to the heat. Therefore do not touch the grill (= breakable).
    • The package contains 1x Doragon attachment, spare inner and outer grill and user manual (English/Dutch)
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